What’s all this about then?

I’ve been lucky enough to have been following Ferocious Dog for a number of years and seen them at more gigs than I can remember.  As someone who enjoys writing but often struggles for a muse I decided that this band that have become such a huge part of my life was the perfect subject matter.

As I found my personal blog increasingly becomes dominated (albeit not a challenge considering my infrequent post rate) by the band I wondered whether a more themed blog might just give me a better vehicle for writing – and since they are on the rise with a monumental year in preparation I’d only end up kicking myself that I’d not actually done it once somebody else had!

So here it is. I’ll probably start by lifting wholesale the post from my own blog which was precipitated by a gig from a third of the band in a tiny pub room in Mansfield – who knows where it will lead from there?



Freeborn Al / 23rd February 2015 / Thoughts

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