You should really check out the official Ferocious Dog YouTube channel, from 2017’s tour this is much more frequently updated with tour videos and features – however, there’s some video content below from back in the day too!

As well as creating some of their own proper videos, before I was brave enough to enter the foray of the mosh pit and became hooked I used to often record videos of the band performing.  Without some kind of heavy duty GoPro strapped to your chest I don’t think there’s really possible in the eye of the storm (and would mosh-cam really be that good viewing? – I’m not so sure!).

Watching them back it illustrates the poor sound quality of iPhone video capturing for live music above all – but they’re nice aide memoires for me to remember some awesome times! I’ve collected them into a playlist you can access on YouTube either below or by clicking here for live performances or here for proper videos.

Proper video playlist:

My live video playlist:

Once I’d been lured into the pit in 2012 that was the end of my fledgling Ferocious Dog video recording career!  Have a search on YouTube though and you’ll find countless other recordings!