Ferocious Dog have become an increasingly significant part of my life since I first saw them in 2011, and often dominate my social life much to the confusion of folk who haven’t quite been bitten to the extent that I have.  I often (well, often-ish) write about them on my personal blog and have been increasingly tempted to set up something specific to do that, and also fills a gap in terms of an independent fan-driven site which a band of their burgeoning reputation surely deserves to have.

Not only do I have their amazing music to thank them for, but an introduction to what can only be described as a network of wonderful hell hounds – a gigantic and all encompassing group of fantastic friends with whom I’ve been able to share their gigs, discover new artists who will undoubtedly also feature on these pages, and increasingly sleep at their houses – it’s been a genuine shot in the arm for feeling that the world is full of good people doing good things, in spite of what might be evidenced from the media or the government.

Like with everything to do with Ferocious Dog I don’t want this to be a solo endeavour – it would be great to have input from all the other hundreds of Hell Hounds out there who’d like to get involved be it by writing, or sharing photos or videos – or just commenting on the other stuff that’s already here.

Other than that there’s no grand plan – let’s just see where it leads!