The tour countdown is on..


As the weekend comes to a close it’s definitely a time to contemplate the week ahead – and glossing over the not inconsiderable excitement I have at going to see the Levellers film screening and acoustic gig in Buxton on Thursday, there’s the small matter of Ferocious Dog commencing their tour on Saturday night at the sold out Bodega gig.

They went on sale on 12th December and were gone in a matter of minutes – the band wanting a more intimate home town start to the tour for their newest line-up to get acquainted with the ‘hell hounds’ – given they have been able to sell out the much larger Rescue Rooms twice in the last year it was always going to be a bun fight and lead to some disappointed folk.  Certainly the few spare tickets I’ve seen surface on Facebook have been snapped up very quickly and eagerly!

Fortunately I was able to get online (despite having a massive hangover from a work Christmas party!) and get them ordered on my phone, even though a random recruitment agent deigned to ring me half way through the order process!

Subsequently they’ve also sold out dates in Derby and Brixton – so you should go and check their gig guide sharpish and make sure that you don’t miss out on any dates you might have your eye on.  For midlands based folk then the Nuneaton gig is your last chance for an indoor gig before the Rock City date in November (which you should certainly be getting on board with!).

All the Ferocious Dog gigs I’ve been to are special, but there’s something extra special about a Nottingham gig – it becomes a whole day event.  You wander into town to have some food, a few drinks and you start to notice it.  Ferocious Dog t-shirts everywhere, people you know, people you’ve vaguely bumped into in a few moshpits, united with a common mission for the evening.  For the Rescue Rooms gigs you’d have probably headed to the Tap n Tumbler, for the Bodega gig maybe the Pit and Pendulum – you’re sure to encounter fellow Hell Hounds.

It’s a brilliant feeling – alluded to in a previous post – to be amongst so many kindred spirits as you build up the anticipation to the event itself.  Certainly my shortened working week will be spent in excited anticipation of what’s to come – some Levelling, a day to recover and then it’s Bodega day.  Gaz Brookfield, Ferocious Dog and countless friends to drink, laugh and dance with – what more could you want?

Sometimes I feel sad that so many people miss out on such brilliance through to their dogged obsession with what the mainstream media peddles and calls music – but then, on the other hand, imagine how difficult it would be to get tickets if everyone had the same immaculate taste as us?



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