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At any Ferocious Dog gig you’ll have heard the chorus and sung along, and most people know the inspiration for ‘The Glass’, it’s a beautifully moving tribute to a desperately sad series of events and perhaps – in its tragedy – one of the best examples of why to many of us this group is more than ‘just a band’.  It’s why Lisa has set up Wistful Festival, why Zoe – terrified of heights –  is skydiving in a few weeks – all to raise money for the Lee Bonsall Memorial Fund.

I’d urge you to support both of these events.

To illustrate how central Lee is to Ferocious Dog in an interview a while back I think it was Dan who revealed that the name of the band – let’s not forget in existence since the late 80s in one shape or form – was coined by Lee as a child.

Lee put his wine glass down on this day in 2012 to leave us for eternity – I never had the pleasure of getting to meet him.  Having served in the army he succumbed to PTSD and could no longer see a way through.  The way that his parents Ken and Karen, and brother Dan, have responded to this is nothing short of remarkable – he is of course remembered at every gig with his anthem – but beyond that through a memorial fund devoted to helping others in the same circumstance.

How the armed forces support those that re-enter civilian life has been shown to be woefully lacking.  BBC’s Panorama unearthed truly disturbing evidence of the rate at which veterans of the army were taking their own lives in their Broken by Battle documentary, which features Lee’s story amongst other similarly harrowing accounts of bereft former soldiers unable to re-integrate back into civilian life.

Rest in peace, Lee and love to all the family.

Here’s a beautiful alternative rendition of The Glass performed by Paige Seabridge.



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