One more sleep!

You’d think after countless gigs you’d get a bit immune to seeing familiar performers repeatedly.  Of course, seeing the Levellers in Buxton last night proves that’s not the case – and it’s certainly not the case with Ferocious Dog.  Not to mention this will be their first outing with their new line-up in their home city, and playing tracks from the forthcoming album – so it’s not just a normal gig!

In case you missed it the Left Lion interview with Dan is online now, as is another interview he did with Nottingham Live – so if like me you’re pacing around anticipating tomorrow then give those a read to tide you over!  They both really help to underline the fairly monumental few months the band have had – I was particularly interested to read Dan’s take on the shift in members.

Dredged from my limited archives - the first time I saw Ferocious Dog perform!

Dredged from my limited archives – the first time I saw Ferocious Dog perform!

I was sad to see Dave, Brad and Kyle move on since they were staple parts of the band I was rapidly building an obsession with (although certainly with the Drurys at least I can get my fix with other bands and hopefully Kyle too in time) – but I’ve seen John perform on bass, Simon on drums will be new after a couple of interim drummers but I do know he’s a lovely fella, and well, Les bloody Carter on guitar.  A man who has headlined Glastonbury.  How did that happen?

For all the build up the night before is the worst – this time tomorrow the curfew will have been breached and Bodega will be eagerly shuffling us out of their venue before trying to salvage it for some kind of club night probably for quite different clientele than those potentially still lingering in the venue.  It’s not long – it feels like it’s been a long wait – but it’ll certainly have been worth it!



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