The aftermath..

The day following a Ferocious Dog gig is usually a mixture of nursing a hangover, ringing ears, counting bruises and reviewing the steady stream of Facebook notifications that start to flood through as assorted pictures, videos and statuses are posted by similarly content but somewhat broken people.  I guess most evening events are quite similar really – that morning after post-mortem helps re-live the excellence of the night before!

However, for Hell Hounds there’s normally something a bit extra special in store – because ever since I’ve been watching the band they’ve been faithfully documented in photographic form by Waggy.  He intrepidly navigates the whirling dervish of the mosh pit capturing iconic images of band and fans alike – it’s true that on occasion he’s caught some of us in what appear to be compromising positions – but no true contemplation of a gig is complete until his photo album has popped up on Facebook a couple of days after the gig.

All hail Waggy!  Perfectly bridging the gap between the Bodega gig and Friday’s trip to Nuneaton!

His photos are online unadulterated here on Facebook, or in the video montage above set to Quiet Paddy.



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