Nuneaton in pictures, and a lovely cover version..

One of the few drawbacks to the Barnsley gig was that Waggy wasn’t there to dispense famous Waggy hugs and share in our laughs – and of course to take photographs – but he was at Nuneaton on Friday and took a raft of awesome photos of both Leatherat and Ferocious Dog which you can find on Facebook – or in a quick video summary below set to Raggle Taggle Gypsy and Freeborn John.

Since the gig in Derby seemed so long away I seem to have accidentally found myself buying tickets for the gigs in Harlow and Cambridge too – and am still hovering over Stamford too, which is highly likely to happen.  On an unrelated but similarly awesome note – check out this cover version of ‘The Glass’ by Richard Chatterley that Ken shared in the Ferocious Dog Facebook group earlier – it’s lovely.

What a beautiful stripped back rendition of a song that has come to epitomise so much to so many people.



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