And the devil sends his ale hounds for me, boys..

Martin Gormley posted in the Ferocious Dog Facebook group earlier confessing to a mis-heard lyric situation – we’ve all been there.  In his case it was the very name of the song that featured in the error though!  In Hell Hounds rather than “And the devil sends his hell hounds for me boys” he was merrily singing along “And the devil sends his ale hounds for me boys” – which if you listen to it could be understandable given Ken’s accent (and if you go to the trouble to forget what the song is called!).

It got me thinking of my own mishearing of Ferocious Dog songs – indeed, Hell Hounds was my the source favourite one – in the line “Tonight I lay with a buxom whore in a brothel drenched in beer” I had somehow conspired to hear it as “Tonight I lie with a buxom whore on the bonnet of an HGV” – have a listen, tell me I’m wrong!  The mental image it’s evoked tickled me so much I got my sketch book out.  I apologise unreservedly to Kenny for my awful caricature skills!


I can’t say any of my other mis-hearings have prompted any images that have amused me quite so much – in Freeborn John I thought that freethinkers and the Levellers ‘could tell‘ by Cromwell’s command rather than being ‘cut down‘ by it.  The untrained ear listening to Quiet Paddy might think that Paddy was a quiet and honest man who lived on calamari every day.  Of course really he lived in Connemara all his days.

When Kyle used to take to the mic to sing Pocket Full of Madness I did used to wonder why he was referring to someone by shouting “Hey Lardy! Hey Lardy! Hey Lardy better stop before you go mad!”  It seemed a slightly insensitive way of addressing somebody.  Of course, he was saying ‘Laddy‘.

Oh, another that would make an amusing cartoon that is probably beyond my meagre skills is in Freethinker where the line “You look into my red eyes now give me back my tooth” sounds uncannily like “You look into my red eyes now give me back my Jews” (until I just checked my lyric book I thought I was “give me back my dues” whereas it’s actually “give me back my tooth” !!).  I cross-referenced by listening to the Star Botherers rendition which is a little clearer.

Feel free to share any of your own mis-hearings in the comments below – or is it just me?



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