Back to basics..

There’s no substitution for a full on Ferocious Dog gig, it’s true – however, there’s something quite magical about hearing their songs stripped back to their acoustic foundations too.  At one time that would happen when songs were being written or kicked about and sometimes we were lucky enough to have them appear on YouTube (I’ve chosen Ken performing a beautiful rendition of Unconditional, but equally you could pick Dan’s preview of Lyla that he teased us with before the band worked their magic on it).

Latterly there’s the occasional option of a three piece acoustic version of the band (or even two piece on occasion!), really bringing into sharp focus Ken’s vocals and guitar and the musical intricacies that Dan and Ellis layer onto the band.  Despite the more raw stripped back sound the energy is still there, but it brings into sharp relief the great songwriting that sometimes I know I lose sight of in a full on wall-of-noise-whilst-being-smashed-around-a-moshpit situation.  Not that you don’t get to have a mini-mosh at the acoustic gigs either!

If you haven’t already then you really must get yourself a copy of the acoustic album – it’s a thing of beauty, and it’s only a fiver!



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