Getting in the mood..

It’s only one more sleep ’til the tour recommences in Cambridge – and as if to heighten the excitement Ken shared a video that’s surfaced from the Nuneaton gig.  I forgot to mention the exciting prospect of a film crew recording the gig.  The best bit is that it says ‘sample’ in the title – implying to my ever optimistic mind that there might be more to follow!  Either way, I can’t think of much better preparation for this weekend’s mosh-fest than reliving a past one!

Keep an eye on howling mad productions‘ YouTube channel and see if any more videos surface!  For now, here’s ‘Poor, Angry and Young‘ (which Roger amusingly pointed out on Facebook has a similar intro to ‘Rock Lobster‘ by the B52s – which once you realise can’t be unheard!  Sorry about that.

There’s also talk of Ferocious Dog releasing a single in the coming weeks with the aim of getting it into a chart position – which would be awesome!  So be sure to keep an eye out for the release and the optimal time to buy to try to contribute to achieving this.  I don’t think I’ve shown any interest at all in the music charts since the campaign to get Rage Against The Machine the Christmas number one – how novel would it be to hear a bit of FD in that kind of context?

The only other thing of note I can bring to mind is to keep an eye on R2 magazine.  R2 have sponsored DogFest in the past and Ferocious Dog are prominent in the latest issue with some sizeable adverts – in coming issues they’ll be including a track on the cover CD (which they’ve done twice before too) which is always a nice bonus.  If you’ve not indulged before as well as getting a bit of potential Ferocious Dog related excitement it’s a great way to find out about other artists too.

See you in Cambridge or Derby those of you partaking this weekend!



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