Rest and recuperation..


(Ferocious) Dog tired

The tour schedule has a handy break this weekend for a bit of much-needed rest and recuperation.

It’s been a busy week at work so that’s much appreciated.  It’s also given Ferocious Dog the opportunity to get back in the studio to put what are hopefully the finishing touches to their album – they’ve been pretty quiet about how things have gone which I’m taking as a good sign.  It was clearly a gruelling schedule they were undergoing given the photo of Waggy asleep in a chair that surfaced on Facebook earlier in the week!

Speaking of Waggy, he’s been confirmed as the official tour manager for the band – a great choice!  He’s also caught up with his photo albums, so you can check out pictures from Bridport, Plymouth, Exeter, Stamford and Newbury – there’s some crackers in there as ever – let’s hope he’s able to delegate what ever during-gig duties he might have as tour manager to make sure that camera is still in action!

Of course the other big news this week was on Monday when the autumn tour dates were finally revealed – twenty dates in all, including the previously announced gigs with Mad Dog Mcrea in Camden, Bristol and of course at Rock City.  Exciting times.  Whilst I’m on a good run of FD gigs so far this year (!) I’m coming to terms with the fact I’ll not make it to all of them – even so, I’m pretty sure I’ll be on for most.  I’ve been plotting with the work holiday planner and a good few are already booked in, with a fairly hefty number on the ‘to order after payday’ list.

As a nice throwback to the Exeter gig the postman brought me Emily Howard‘s EP today which I’m listening to right now – it’s a lovely listen, and a nice reminder of what a good performer she is after she covered the first support slot at the Phoenix then proceeded to spend the whole gig in the mosh pit.  I’d thoroughly recommend picking up a copy, and on a similar note the Leylines have just released ‘Sat in a Field‘ which they performed in their set in Exeter too – it’s only a quid, and is raising money for charity – so get it bought!

I love this photo Waggy captured of the 'Freeborn John' surf in Newbury.

I love this photo Waggy captured of the ‘Freeborn John’ surf in Newbury.


The height of geek – setting up a spreadsheet to keep track of FD gigs

So that’s about all really – a quiet weekend in store for me, the football season drawing to a close then my nephew’s first birthday party.  I might well mooch over to the Brown Cow for Sam Jones’ night there – seems rude not to when it’s a bank holiday!  Then it’s just a case of counting down to Brighton on 9th May, which will be upon us before we know it – I’ve found a cheap(ish) place to stay within staggering distance of the venue so am ready to make a night of it.

Now I’m off to download the Leylines single to give me a soundtrack for finishing off my week’s work this afternoon, and maybe pretty up the spreadsheet I’ve set up to keep track of the burgeoning number of tickets and travel/accommodation arrangements I’ve been making in this year of the dog – it can’t be bad really, can it?  Much as I do crave a quiet weekend to recharge I am going to miss not getting much chance to spend time amongst the hell hounds – I imagine one or two might make it up to Mansfield on Sunday though so all is not lost!



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