Why Settle for less?

I’m sure that you’ll have heard by now that the Ferocious Dog gig in the Victoria Hall in Settle has been postponed due to issues outside the control of the band.  Disappointing, but in the face of such adversity of having the promise of a weekend gig it makes you have to work on alternative plans.  Hopefully once the gig is rearranged I’ll be able to make it as I was looking forward to the visit!

First up I’ve been playing with some of Waggy’s photos and was particularly pleased with this one of Ken taken at the Evesham gig made up entirely of the words ‘Red Ken’ – I’ll have to have a play with other images when I get the chance!


Second up I’ve been listening to the rather splendid album from Folk The System today.  It’s called ‘Unrest in the Wolds’ which gives a clue that there’s a bit of anger in here – there’s protest in here, there’s anger – most of all though there’s some well-crafted tunes with the traditional folk sounds driving by the pounding bass heavy bodhran and layered with fiddle, acoustic guitar, mandolin bass and occasional penny whistle.  It’s an infectious collection of ten songs that I’d heartily recommend getting hold of.

I’m certainly looking forward to getting the opportunity to see them perform live some time – the next opportunity on my planned list of gigs is the Bostin Days event in October but maybe fate will cast us together before then.

And last but certainly not least to make up for my lack of Ferocious Dog action this weekend I might have been weak-willed enough to avail myself of a day ticket for Willowman Festival up in Thirsk so I’ll catch them there.  Unfortunately other commitments mean I couldn’t get to the whole weekend which looks great, and indeed, working on Monday means I won’t get to stay late either but at least I’ll get my moshing fix before the weekend is out!

Then of course there’s the not inconsiderable matter of the boys heading to Glastonbury to cause merry hell in the Field of Avalon.  Whilst the festival doesn’t appeal to me I’m gutted I won’t get to bask in the reflected glory of Ferocious Dog getting to play there!



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