Glaston-buried, but the fun doesn’t end..


I think it’s fair to say that Ferocious Dog‘s debut at Glastonbury has been a resounding success – just look at this photo I pinched from Scott!  Certainly the number of search engine hits to this site searching for more information about them has increased since Monday.  The cherry-on-the-cake of some BBC coverage of course never transpired, but with folk uploading photos and videos to Facebook we did at least catch a glimpse of the performance, to the third biggest Avalon crowd of the weekend.  Fantastic. (special shout out to Colin who was uploading stuff as it was happening).

Ken was interviewed about the experience shortly after arriving at Glastonbury by the Western Gazette – it’s a great read, and typically humble despite the burgeoning weight of the FD bandwagon that really feels like it might just be starting to roll.  What’s lovely is the constant reminder of how important their fans and word-of-mouth have been to their momentum building – what better way is there of epitomising this by Ken choosing to wear his Nana’s Kitchen t-shirt for his biggest gig to date?

After the festival his Facebook status was priceless, but with two Ferocious Dog gigs and a cameo with Hobo Jones by the time their biggest gig of the weekend came around he was suffering in the voice department… oops!  It’s great to hear that they were able to experience so much of the event though as well as participating in it – with Scott taking part in a world record drumming attempt as well as the gigs, and all just appearing to have a tremendous time taking in the sights and sounds.

Whilst it’s not quite the same as being there, you can get a sense of the occasion from the video Waggy has uploaded covering the intro music, anticipation and first two songs of the set – Gallows Justice and Poor, Angry and Young – whilst of course camera footage sound is never great there is definitely a bit of croakiness in the singing.  Poor Ken!  But look at the crowd, sure, there’s no expansive mosh pit that we have become accustomed to, but there’s plenty of appreciation!

In other FD news there are some delays in the mixing process of the album tracks so as yet there’s no definitive date for it landing.  Having heard a couple of prototype mixes of some of the songs, they really are gunning for getting it as perfect as possible – it’s definitely going to be worth the wait.  As for the live shows, they’re going to be down at Bridgwater on Saturday and at the Warsop Carnival on Sunday – I’ll undoubtedly make it to the latter, but not the former.

I have however started pondering the prospect of a day ticket to the Friday at Lakefest… it just seems like too big a gap ’til we get to Splendour otherwise.  Oh, and Scott has just joined Facebook, which is of great excitement to the ladies of the Hell Hound world (okay, and some of the men).

Finally I also started to begin the process of indoctrinating my nephew into the world of Ferocious Dog by getting him a hoody made – the only problem is it’s massive compared to him so it might have to wait ’til his next birthday in May.  He’s only 14 months old though, so it’ll be at least another couple of years before he’s ready to mosh!




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