New album artwork revealed..


I’m sure most of you will have spotted on Facebook that Dan has revealed the forthcoming album cover as we’re looking at a slight delay to the release date.  It features two sinisterly feature-limited and thus dehumanised police officers restraining a person – rather roughly judging by the blood splatter on the floor, with a third standing behind smiling at one of his companions.

Those of you who’ve had a chance to absorb some of the new songs at gigs (or had a listen to some of the unmastered recordings) will have already attuned to the underlying disquiet either at specific events or the current political climate – which all hooks into the album title From Without too – the first album just bore the Ferocious Dog logo (and indeed name), whereas now we’re seeing something that draws together the themes from the songs and gives it accompanying imagery and a name, a consistent message.

Exciting times!  The countdown is almost over…



Freeborn Al / 1st July 2015 / Band, Music, Photos
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