The Splendour of the weekend to come..

Splendour-2015_IndianaWhilst I’ve been still basking a bit in the warm fuzziness of last weekend at Wistful, it will be good to get a bit of full-on Ferocious Dog this weekend at Nottingham’s Splendour Festival.  I’m not generally a huge fan of Splendour, it’s pretty pricey (although I guess if you divide the ticket price by the number of acts you want to see it does work out good value this year).  FD played it last year but an early slot on a small stage so I didn’t indulge, although I did go to it when the Levellers played a couple of years back.

The list of terms and conditions are potentially entertaining too depending on how many Hell Hounds descend for the 5:15 showtime.  We shall see!  Definitely this year I won’t be attempting to smuggle in a litre and a half of rum (successfully) like I did on my previous visit… after consuming that I found myself practically asleep  against the crash barrier for much of the Levellers set.  Mercifully this rendered me unable to ‘appreciate’ the headline act of Dizzee Rascal too so perhaps it wasn’t such a bad plan!

This year though with Roots Manuva, The Specials and James on the bill too there’s more to look forward to than just Ferocious Dog which is always a bonus, and there’s sure to be new acts to discover.  The other drawback to Splendour is the lack of camping option – on account of the potentially vicious deer in the park – although whilst not my current home Nottingham is a place I can find places to stay pretty easily – and I’m sure there’ll be a few folk out and about to make it into a suitably fun party!

R2 magazine's review

R2 magazine’s review – click for something readable! (thanks Timmy for the photo)

More exciting is Deerstock – a full on extended weekend of shenanigans with the extended family, which I really can’t wait for.  There will be laughter, hugs, evil mead, food, great company and all finished off with Ferocious Dog on the Sunday night.  It was my highlight of the year last year, and now I’ve gotten to know so many more of the people who’ll be there, and bonded all the more with those I’ve known for some time.  It’s definitely the event I’ve been looking forward to most and it’s really not too far away!

In album news, R2 magazine have been lucky enough to get their grubby mits on a not-quite-finally-mixed version of the From Without to review and have given it a rather conservative four stars – they gave Funke the same for his too so their criteria for a five must be high.  Maybe the final mixing will garner that extra star – but it’s getting closer and closer to release time, it might come to a two-way race between this album and the Bostin’ Days album which is also getting closer.

Then just as the Deerstock come-down kicks in I’ll be taking in a bit of Levellers in Holmfirth – so all in all, an exciting couple of weeks to be looking forward to.. and despite whatever reservations I might have about the more corporate and conservative nature of Splendour Festival, it’s going to be an excellent warm-up for the better events to come.  Hell, it might even pleasantly surprise me!  Bring it on!

If you’re still hankering after more to read then check out Snotface’s blog about Wistful and her awesome photos.  I wish every weekend could be like that… but then, would we all get bored of it and crave something more?  Who knows.



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