And he’s turned to the bottle..

unnamedI might’ve been a bit quiet but the band haven’t – they released a radio edit of Slow Motion Suicide as a single this week (which you can buy from iTunes, Amazon or Google Play) – a timely release given the subject matter of the impact of the decimation of the mining industry, just as Hatfield Colliery was issued with a winding-up order earlier this month.  It’s been a mainstay of live performances recently and is one of my favourites – and a nice teaser leading up to the album.

On the album, the production is all but done and the mastering is near completion so the drop date for the CDs we’ve all been waiting patiently for is looming large.  Having been lucky enough to have heard the tracks in their various stages of rough-cuttery up to pre-mastering I’m extremely confident that the unexpected delays in perfecting the content will prove well worth the wait to get the final CDs in your hands and CD/record players.  It really won’t be long now.

At Farmer Phil’s around a campfire I had an interesting conversation with someone who wasn’t sold on the new songs from a few live viewings.  Having probably heard them live more than most folk as well as the recordings (and, I freely admit, being more than a tad biased) I’m hooked.  But then I was from the gig at Bodega.  One comment was of the lack of variation in style – which I’d dispute – just think about the raucous cacophony of Gallows Justice opening a gig, to the more tuneful Ruby Bridges, the reggae infusion into Marikana Massacre..

IMG_0447… there’s plenty of variety (and I could go on, maybe I will in another post) in there whilst retaining the essence of what is Ferocious Dog – let’s face it, nobody wants them to sound like something they’re not.  Which brings me neatly on to Saturday evening, Dan and Ken will be guests with Dean Jackson at BBC Radio Nottingham where they’ll be being interviewed as well as playing a couple of tracks – probably most excitingly the first airing of the much-talked-about but seldom-heard Mairi’s Wedding Part III.

So be sure to tune in (you can listen online too should you not be in the East Midlands) to get a further taster of what will be landing in your letterboxes over the next couple of weeks or so.  I’ll be at a wedding that evening but will endeavour to rip a recording of the section of show that features them on my return thanks to the wonder of iPlayer and a bit of technical trickery to save it for posterity.  For those of you aiming to tune in then the programme starts at 6pm.  I’m not sure what time Ken and Dan will be featuring.

And of course no post about the goings on in the world of Ferocious Dog would be complete without offering a huge (and belated) congratulations to Leanne and Dan on the safe arrival of the beautiful Lacey-Lee – she spared Dan being absent from the birth during Farmer Phil’s, arriving shortly after – on the day that Beautiful Days was opening its gates to people.  A beautiful day indeed.



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