Mairi’s Wedding Part III airs…

If you didn’t get chance to hear Ken and Dan on The Beat on Saturday evening (including an exclusive airing of Mairi’s Wedding Part III) then you can listen to it again below (or on iPlayer – but that’ll expire eventually) – enjoy. It’s a magical track (and Slow Motion Suicide ain’t bad either!).

Dean Jackson of BBC’s Beat programme plays Slow Motion Suicide (the radio edit, currently available from your favourite source of digital music!), has a chat with Ken and Dan about how things are going with the band, including the forthcoming tour, the album (and title – inspired by Karl Marx) and some of the inspiration behind some of the songs – followed up by an exclusive airing of Mairi’s Wedding Part III.  Frankly, it’s a relief to actually be able to talk about what the song sounds like!

A first for Ferocious Dog it’s a song that never ‘kicks in’ – is it a ballad? It’s a thing of beauty – that’s for sure, and strangely sad.  Not a happy tale but hauntingly beautiful with the sombre music and rich orchestral backing.  Dan also dropped further teaser type comments around some of the ‘surprising’ special guests expected to be accompanying them at Rock City in November.   So don’t delay and get your tickets if you haven’t already for what’s surely going to be the biggest Hell Hound party going!



Freeborn Al / 30th August 2015 / Band, Music

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