Dogfest 2016 – going, going… gone!

If you blinked you might’ve missed the window of opportunity for ordering tickets for Dogfest 2016 which went on sale shortly after the Rock City gig.  Dan announced on Facebook he was putting on sale the remainder of the tickets for the event on 13th February 2016 – which will once again be hosted at The Black Market Venue in Warsop – and it’s now officially sold out in a matter of days.

The line-up is all but confirmed – with one slot remaining for prospective bands to vie for – there’s been some amazing suggestions on the thread in the Facebook group already, so if any of those are successful in getting the final place it’ll be a fine addition to what is already a stellar line-up.  Gaz Brookfield isn’t available for the date sadly, although y’know, you need to mix it up a bit – he’s done the last two Dogfests after all!

Quite a change from the first Dogfest I attended back in 2012 – that definitely wasn’t a sell out, and my own attitude was less committed too.  We hotfooted it up mainly to see Ferocious Dog finish the day off having been at the football in the afternoon.  Fast forward to 2013 and there was merchandise and a lot more people, 2014 I think was sold out and amazing, of course 2015 was skipped to make way for Rock City and a change of date for February in 2016.

The confirmed line up so far is amazing – as mentioned above, with one slot remaining for prospective bands to get in touch with Dan to fill.  I’m really looking forward to this already!


Blackballed at Rockstock and Barrel captured by Snotography

That’s a fantastic line-up of familiar favourites, acts I’ve yet to see but love their recorded work (The Outlines and The Afterdark Movement) and something new in Super Fast Girlie Show for me – so I’m well happy with that, with the promise of one more act to be announced.

There’s also of course a pre-Dogfest event at the same venue the night before which will also be awesome.  We’re ticketed and hotelled up and raring to go!




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