A bit of bothering on a Sunday..

10393576_733673203416234_6760695815172788004_nWith work on a Monday morning and travelling logistics to sort out on Sundays it renders Star Bothering on Sunday something I’ve not had the chance to do before.  A bank holiday and evening plans with friends in the area made it a distinct possibility this weekend just gone.  Albeit one we had to cut a bit short – missing the final act entirely (doubly gutting, as my friend Lynn plays flute and pennywhistle for Last Word Dogs – another time, Bart tells me they were great).

We arrived in sunny Warsop in time for a sneaky visit to the chip shop before making our way into the venue – the remnants of Mac-Stock evident from camper vans still in the car park and a pretty full room.  Star Bothering nights happen in the front room, we grabbed ourselves a drink and a seat and watched Dave and Bart grappling with the not inconsiderable amount of electrical stuff Last Word Dogs had with them.  In the meantime it was nice to just have a relaxing drink and natter with assorted folks.

IMG_3201Star Botherers were up first, already somewhat later than initially planned.  As it was Easter Sunday they introduced themselves as offering up a religious themed set – which comprised a quick run through Just Around the Corner, the song that I’ve yet to divine the title of that’s about ringing in sick at work and finally One Inch Death Punch.  Certainly it got the feet tapping around the room – and it was a very full room!  We were cautiously keeping an eye on the time.

Whilst we’d selfishly hoped for Last Word Dogs to be up next it wasn’t exactly disappointing to be treated to the first half of Alex Bradford taking the stage.  We’d seen him before briefly, he did a small set at Newark’s RAFA club – following Ferocious Dog and before Brad Dear came on no less.  Then he covered The Girl with X-Ray Eyes by Noel Gallagher – we caught the first couple of songs in his set, Trouble Town and Two Fingers both by local troubadour Jake Bugg, before having to nip out for a little while.


Upon returning he’d switched from guitar to keyboard – talented bugger! – last last song we heard of his was again from Mr Bugg’s back catalogue and back on the guitar, Seen It All.  Quality performance – it wasn’t a small crowd, what a brave lad to have put in such a ballsy performance.  Definitely a name to look out for.  Star Botherers were back for another turn including Star Wars Bride before we had to leave, Ella finding Lynn to apologise on the way out – we’d seen Lynn after we arrived and she was so excited we were there too see her, so it was a bit gutting to have to leave.

I was going to skip blogging about a half-attended event – but much like Sam’s acoustic nights at the Brown Cow on a Sunday night, even only seeing half the show was time very well spent indeed – and it’s worth highlighting the kind of entertainment that’s on offer for the price of a few drinks in the area.  Whilst I didn’t need any convincing of the merits of it I’m glad to have finally had the chance to attend at least part of a Star Bothering on Sunday.  You should check them out if you get the chance.

Earlier in the day we’d been at a Dog Show raising money for a rescue that my family are involved in supporting – it’s of loose relevance because one of the dogs there belonged to Hell Hounds Dave and Caroline, great friends that we’ve acquired through Ferocious Dog.  Murphy, the lurcher, came to their lives because my Mum had spotted a comment of Dave’s about wanting a grey rough-haired lurcher.  When a rescue in Sleaford had one she linked the two and – well – the rest is history.


Murphy is now unrecognisable from the bag of bones that joined their family a few months ago – not only did he win a rosette in every category he was entered, he also netted best dog in show too (despite being uncharacteristically gobby and barking at everything in sight!).  He’s a lovely gentle boy and it’s so good to see him settled with Dave and Caroline in a loving home.  You’re highly likely to get the chance to meet him at a fair few festivals over the coming year too.

The rest of our evening went by in a blur of laughs (and glitter) before heading home with a bonus work free Monday to work out our usual travelling logistics.  Pretty much a whole day of things that aren’t strictly Ferocious Dog related but all with that common thread in that we wouldn’t know any of the people involved (including each other) had it not been for getting into the band.  That’s really quite special when you think about it.  There’s countless other little pockets of stuff going on like that I’m sure.  I love it.



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