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It’s almost like the sound of a doorbell isn’t it? Arf. Definitely an apt spot for Morganella to be making an appearance hot the heels of releasing pre-order details for their forthcoming EP.  The event at the excellent Anchor in Tring (which is in the wonderfully named Borough of Dacorum) was organised by Neil for young students he works with (of which Morgan is one) to showcase their talents, it’s great there’s folk like Neil inspiring folk to pick up instruments and perform, and helping them to get together to form bands!

With the venue being pretty small and unsurprisingly each of the performers bringing a number of family members with them to watch it wasn’t always easy to take in the vast array of acts on offer, but it was a fun afternoon spent mostly outside nattering with folk waiting for the Morganella spot at 4pmish.  Although Morgan did have two other sets to perform first – I caught some of his second, which was him in his rockier guise and it was pretty awesome.  I live-streamed a track via the Morganella Facebook page of them in action (Ella did the same for his first stand-in appearance in another band – talented bugger!).

Quite a gathering of folk had arrived by the time it was time for Morganella to hit the stage – a tribe of Ella’s family from Stevenage, Nick, Lucy and Evan from nearer by, myself obviously – as well as Brian and Karen, Paul and quite a few others – always great to see a decent crowd of folk, luckily for us a fair few folk had cleared out of the narrow bar area so we were able to find some decent spots to take in the set.  Only a short one too!

They opened up with Black Horse and the Cherry Tree by KT Tunstall – a pretty staple song in their sets these days, and a nice vocal warm up one for Ella since she’s so familiar with it.  It was sounding really good through the PA though!  As a sneak peek of the forthcoming EP two original tracks came up next – Fight Your Own Battles is a pretty moving one picking up familiar themes of warmongering and those that do so generally aren’t the ones who end up on the front line – and those that do end up there generally don’t get the support they need on the other side.

Sunshine and Daisies picks up the pace – a mixed message about making the best of life whatever it happens to throw at you.  A pretty good mantra for life.  What was supposed to be the finale was what is becoming a bit of a party trick for the duo – an acoustic cover of Skunk Anansie’s Weak – Morgan’s really nailed the guitar work and it really gives Ella the chance to let rip with her voice.  It’s always really special when they play that!

With no sign of Neil to get the next band set up we were treated to the bonus of an encore – a quick riffle of the lyrics book and a chord reminder for Morgan and they opted for Gaz Brookfield’s Bigger Man – with Ella fortunately remembering this was a family friendly event and redacting the f-words (although Brian made up for that quite loudly singing along at the front, haha!).  All in all, a splendid set – and lovely to see so many folk had travelled fair distances to see it!

Meanwhile outside a spectacularly bad bit of driving and subsequent wankerish behaviour saw a chap summarily handcuffed and chucked into the back of a police car having been contained by the considerable number of witnesses to the incident.  An eventful end to a fun day and fortunately nobody was hurt, just some damage to the two cars he struck opposite the pub which was amazingly minor looking considering the noise it made when it happened!

You can see livestreams of Morgan’s first two appearances here and here, and three songs from Morganella’s set here and here.  Details for pre-ordering their forthcoming EP Just the Start along with the chance to get a limited edition t-shirt are available here.



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