Peace in the valleys.. not!

IMG_2678I hadn’t really got that excited about this gig, other things going on in our family meant it rather snuck up on me.  But once we’d got in the car and underway at lunchtime on Saturday I must admit I was gearing up for a good mosh, it’s been a long time since Rock City after all.  Even the increasingly awful weather and occasional aqua-planing down the roads didn’t dampen my enthusiasm.  Ella chose to use the trip to start to testing out her Go-Pro (video below), an experiment that was curtailed by a technical glitch, but shows some real promise for a fun way of documenting gigs and festivals.

Despite the rubbish weather it was a clear run through to Cardiff and a pretty easy job to get parked up and checked into our hotel.  Opting to have a bit of chill time we’d noticed the rain had stopped a bit, which was cause for optimism.  Alas, by the time we were ready to emerge it was once again pissing it down – after a bit of a wander we found (after a couple of attempts) Hopbunker.  It had been recommended to us on Facebook by fellow Hell Hounds Martin and Diane, who work there and are very proud of their bar.

IMG_2655And with good reason – just opposite the castle and down some stairs you’ll find a grotto of real ales, craft ales and ciders – but without the wanky pretentions that seem to attach to such bars in my experience.  A fun relaxed atmosphere, and just £3 a pint from a fine selection of pumps – I tried a pint of Ella (had to be done didn’t it?) a Ginger beer and an IPA whose name escapes be before switching to Reveller cider – which was lovely.  Dave and Sally arrived with us, and countless folks of a Ferocious Dog persuasion followed.  Once the Rugby was over the bar was awash with Ferocious Dog related music.  Highly recommended pub if you find yourself in Cardiff, and the urinals in the gents were a work of genius – and alas, the only thing I took a photo of in there!


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Well I would drive 400 miles..


… then I would drive 400 more!

I really hadn’t been planning on going to Aberdeen.  I looked at flights which were too expensive and would involve getting to Birmingham or Manchester first, and driving alone seemed ridiculous.  Then came a random comment on Facebook that changed it all.

Lisa was planning a potential get together, I half-jokingly commented “What, you’re not coming to see FD in Aberdeen?”  A moment later my phone rang, and plans were hatched to take a car up and share the driving.

She also recruited The Stig to join us, so come midnight on Friday night/Saturday morning I headed over to theirs to set off so we could avoid any traffic and have plenty of time to recuperate after the drive and check out the Granite City.  It was a flawless plan – we piled into my car and hit the motorway, and before we even got a junction north something odd had happened.  “What the fuck is that?” I asked as it felt like we’d driven on a never-ending rumble strip – we had a tyre blow out.

All we know is, he's called The Stig!

All we know is, he’s called The Stig!

On to the hard shoulder we went, sure enough the passenger side front wheel was flat – The Stig duly jacked up the car and got the spare on, a space-saver wheel with a speed limit of 50mph.  Not the best for the 400+ miles to our destination and back again. But give up we did not – we went back and changed cars and started again – this time The Stig took the first driving stint, giving me a chance to have a bit of a snooze in the back of the car.  A comfort stop later and Lisa took the wheel to get us the remainder of the way with The Stig getting some sleep time in the back.


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