Not going back to that!

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 23.22.38Listeners to Doozer McDooze‘s new album Not Going Back To That who are unfamiliar with the Essex troubador could be forgiven for writing it off as naïve sentimentalism.  “Yeah, everyone might think about chucking it all in and living in a van”, you can imagine people thinking.  “… but life just isn’t like that.”   But of course, it is like that for Doozer and his partner-in-crime The Famous Artist Birdy Rose.

Faced with the option of scratching by on minimum wage opportunities probably with zero contracts or the harsh realities of the benefits system (which the Sun might have you believe is the life of Riley, I’m not sure reality reflects that – and I’d certainly not like to find out) – they bought a van on the back of some workshops they ran at a festival and chose to spread their creative joy to the masses instead.

A brave move – think about what the forebears of our current government did to people who chose an alternative lifestyle – at least a sidestep from ‘the system’ – it’s brave, on so many levels.  Braver than I’d be – I need the security blanket of a steady wage, a payroll department to deal with all that pesky tax stuff – of course, I don’t have any tangible artist talents I could get away with taking on the road either so it’s a bit of a moot point.


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