Let’s get Maelor’s album made!

12080282_1244148232277896_7194219522662493697_oI am a fan of crowd funding full stop – I’ve backed a few projects over the last few years since it became a thing online, some have been awesome, a couple have proven a bit disappointing, one or two ended up with refunds as they didn’t come to fruition, nearly all of them have been wildly optimistic with their delivery dates!

It’s a bit of a gamble, but it gives the creator of the product a bit of cash up front to be able to get their project underway and fulfilled.  Of course, more recently Ferocious Dog used this mechanism for their latest album and indeed the live CD/DVD recordings at Rock City.

For an artist operating outside the mechanism of a record label who can front cash for recordings, pressings and printing then for me it’s the future of independent music releases.  So it’s in that vein that Maelor Hughes is finally mobilising to get a long overdue album sorted – and he’s reaching out to fans to help him with finding the cash to get it sorted – there’s a number of levels of backing you can give him in exchange for different rewards – which I’m quite excited about – I’ve got a few disparate EP releases from Maelor but it’ll be good to get an album.

On that note – he recently put out a new three track EP called Maybe Over Time which you can get a download of for the princely sum of just £3 – that’d be a good starting point.  Then check out the crowdfunding campaign and see if you fancy getting involved.  Those of you who’ve followed Ferocious Dog for a while are highly likely to have had the pleasure of seeing Maelor supporting them so you’ll know what an ace songwriter and performer he is – those of you that haven’t, hit YouTube!

coverThere’s a few different levels of backing available to suit all budgets…

  • Option 1 – £12.50 – Full album delivered upon completion (with bonus MP3)
  • Option 2 – £17.50 – Full album plus signed A4 lyrics print of your choice
  • Option 3 – £22.50 – Full signed album plus Maelor Hughes t-shirt
  • Option 4 – £27.50 – Full signed album plus signed lyrics and t-shirt
  • Option 5 – £32.50 – Full signed album, signed framed lyrics and t-shirt
  • Option 6 – £40.00 and above – Full signed album, t-shirt and name on album credits

If you want to get involved then either get in contact with Maelor on his Facebook page or drop him an email so that he can send you details of how to get funding through to him.  Let’s help get this long awaited project going and sorted!  And to keep your appetite whetted you’ll get a link immediately to a rather splendid four track live EP recorded in Yorkshire earlier this year which I’ve just been listening to and enjoying.



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